Signature Business Solutions is a solutions based company that was established in 2006, with our main focus being to solve complex business problems utilizing a unique approach through the most efficient methods and tools. Our Solutions methodology involves software, advisory and personalised services.

Our staff compliment of over 120 employees plays a vital part in achieving our mission to bridge the gap between business and technology.

As an equal opportunity business we are proud to have more than 30% of our workforce as strong female leaders. Our offices on three continents, represented in South Africa, Mauritius, The United Kingdom and Australia enables us access into the African and European markets with our clients comprising of local and international blue-chip companies in the fields on Insurance, Healthcare, Technology and Financial Services to name a few.

Our automation software, iCompare, has revolutionised data management in the financial services industry.


We strive to be the industry leader in delivering the most efficient and innovative solutions to our clients across the world. In turn offering superior value to our clients and staff.

Our solutions are customer centric, forming a long-term partnership by delivering maximum efficiency and value to business.


  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Team Work
  • Passion

Industry Leaders


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